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The last day of activities at Cisco Live: Women under the spotlight

10 November 2017

Probably attendees slept just few hours, but they have now a new and enriched vision as a result of hours of learning and networking throughout this week. The heroes leveraged the last day to attend the last technical sessions and visit WoS once again to get the chance to experience all the solutions Cisco and the sponsors presented.

The highlights of the day included the fifth iteration of Cisco Empowered Women´s Network, which featured very inspiring speakers.

Silvina Moschini, an Argentinian entrepreneur, writer, and an IT expert, presented Women Talent Cloud, an initiative that looks to close the unemployment gap, connecting skilled women with job opportunities in the cloud. This initiative has been able to revolutionize the job environment by reducing the female unemployment rate -9.8% in Latin America-, increasing their wages, and making workforce more diverse.

Laura Quintana, VP, Corporate Affairs, explained Cisco’s strategy to drive the development of Global Problem Solvers, individuals or entities characterized by innovating, learning and driving social change in their communities. Cisco pinpoints the initiatives of these leaders and promotes them through training on digital skills and providing access to financial support from the inception of their projects.

Tania Katan, writer and speaker, created the successful campaign #ItWasNeverADress to change the perception about women. Katan, who closed the event, said, “If you see women in a different way, you see the world in a different way”.

The support for Rise Against Hunger at Cisco Live delivered great results, and exceeded the target. Cisco’s employees, partners and customers packed 60,246 meals, which will be sent to the Kidz Konnect for Jesus association in Belize; this organization will be in charge of delivering food to 2,000 children and youngsters in 14 schools. We want to express our appreciation for all the heroes who donated time to support this cause.

The last day of Cisco Live has ended. It’s time to relax, celebrate and have fun with friends in the traditional Customer Appreciation Event (CAE), where the famous Mexican band Rock en tu Idioma Sinfonico will be performing.

We hope everybody takes home with a great dose of knowledge and new ideas to keep leading and accelerating the transformation of their organizations in the digital era. See you next year!

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