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Cisco Live Cancun 2018 – Day 2: Intuitive Technology Comes to Life

5 December 2018

We closed the second day of activities at Cisco Live Cancun, with an agenda full of educational experiences, conversations about the future of technology and reimagine businesses, and attendees with the enormous desire to see in practice all the transformations that Cisco’s technology can bring businesses, governments and communities in general.

Since the morning, the attendees’ spirits were predisposed to make the most of this day as our customers, partners and Cisco experts got up early to exercise and relax during the Yoga session. Here are some of the most remarkable moments that were lived today:

Executive Symposium: It is time to become the “rockstars” of innovation

Cisco Live is a space where technology and business converge, because this pair is the way to generate the innovation that will achieve a positive change to improve the quality of life of all people. Under this context, the activities of the Cisco Executive Symposium began, with more than 100 executives from our clients’ business areas, during which they shared a perspective of the current panorama and innovation opportunities in Latin America and people was invited to rethink the traditional problem-solving model and promote the culture of entrepreneurs within organizations.

Isidro Quintana, Country Manager of Cisco in Mexico, welcomed the attendees, reinforcing Cisco’s strategy to support innovation in the various sectors through the continuous rethinking of our technological capabilities and services, to meet the needs that all your organizations require in the current and complex business environment.

Finally, Mark Schulman, the renowned drummer who has accompanied the most iconic pop artists, such as PINK, Billy Idol and Cher, shared with the audience how to integrate elements of the philosophy of rock to business life, as a way of generate innovation, increase productivity and improve the organizational climate.

We lived the impact of intuitive technology in the World of Solutions

Our ecosystem of more than 58 partners and Service Providers exhibitors demonstrated the power of their solutions to help organizations of all types and sizes to optimize their processes, improve their cybersecurity capabilities in technology, and even meet requirements for organizations in specific verticals. Through live demonstrations, visitors were able to see how the combination of Cisco technology with the unique capabilities of our business ecosystem offers them a competitive advantage that suits their needs.

Similarly, the Cisco Showcase was a space to invite our customers to rethink the use of our technological capabilities in a unified way. This year we reconsidered the experience, to leave behind the demonstrations for architecture, and to present our visitors scenarios of everyday life instead, so that it was more tangible for them to witness the value of our solutions, seeing in the practice how they can support them in accelerating their transformation aligned to the imperatives of technological change:

  • The reinvention of the network
  • Cybersecurity as a foundational pillar
  • The computation in a multicloud world
  • Unleash the potential of the data
  • Develop new experiences

Along with the exhibition areas, customers were able to listen to brief presentations at the Solutions Theater, where experts from Cisco and our partners covered the most innovative technological trends to invite them to continue this process of education and discovery.

Reimagining business and the role of technology during the IT Management Program

Today began the presentations of the IT Management Program, designed for IT leaders who are eager to explore how their role and area can and should evolve to address the complex challenges faced by their organizations, maintaining an agile and dynamic model that ensures an advantage in today’s disruptive technological environment.

With the premise of an “Intuitive Leadership”, Guillermo Diaz, Senior Vice President and CIO of Cisco, together with Katty Coulson, Cisco IT Americas Leader, welcomed the attendees. They accompanied us to listen in the voice of experienced technology leaders, such as our keynote speaker John Stewart; the principal technological forces that are rethinking the scope of an IT leader’s work, as well as being able to become familiar with the skills that will build the digital future of all organizations.

Technical Seminars: an invitation to lead the digital transformation of businesses

This day also allowed our technical community to enlarge their knowledge by attending seminars and workshops. It was an entire day of deep learning about network virtualization, data center security and hybrid architectures for collaboration, among others.

I am sure that the energy will continue increasing tomorrow during the Cisco Live Run 5K, amazing experiences in the Walk-In-Self-Paced (WISP) Labs, DevNet sessions and the long-awaited Maciej Kranz’s technology keynote, VP Strategic Innovation at Cisco.

Join us to continue imagining the possibilities of the intuitive technology in action.


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