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Rich Gore

Senior IT Manager
IT Customer Strategy and Success

I've been in IT all my professional life, starting with AT&T Bell Labs designing PBX services, through independent consulting and then with Cisco IT for the past 10+ years. Mostly I've worked in IT Infrastructure architecture teams, working with some of the brightest and best network and data center architects in Cisco. Over time I've learned a little about a lot of things going on inside Cisco IT, and I like to stay current. I try to share this experience with customers, by identifying their issues and describing how Cisco has overcome them (or by asking their advice on how Cisco can learn from them!).

I'm a California native, transplanted to London to help support Cisco customers in Europe. When I'm not working I'm touristing around London, the UK and Europe, and continue to be amazed by the history and beauty so near and so accessible.

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