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Kim Austin

Marketing Manager
Collaboration Solutions Marketing

According to Twitter, I'm the Lorax of Cisco Collaboration Marketing. I speak for the trees! Well, really I speak for users. I focus on business and human aspects of collaboration technology.

I'm a writer, storyteller, editor, social-media geek, and marketer. I've been at Cisco for 15+ years and surrounded by high-tech since it became "a thing." I learned BASIC programming on a PET computer with an external cassette tape drive.

I had to explain what e-mail was when people saw a weird line on my first business cards. And I remember when the land where my office is now was an orange grove. (And that doesn't make me all that old...)

In the world beyond my day job, I have a real life -- a family, dogs, a motorcycle. I laugh. A lot.

I am an ambassador and volunteer for the March of Dimes and started the Cisco corporate team, which has since raised more than $5 million.

I'm the marketing director for International Extremity Project (, a nonprofit medical mission, and travel to Vietnam and Namibia as part of the mission team to assist with patient care.

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