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Hector Acevedo

Senior Director
CX Centers (CXC) Americas

Hector is a strategic leader in operational excellence, automation, culture and innovation. He delivers best-in-class technical support and professional services to customers and partners across the globe. He joined Cisco in 1998, he established himself as a respected leader with extensive international experience in general management, solution deployment and transformative customer experience. Hector is passionate about developing diverse talent, cultivating high performing leaders, mentoring, and building cross-functional organizations. He can manage customers, lead through complexity, and create the environment for large, complex organizations to be successful. Hector holds an Executive Scholar Certification in General Management from Kellogg Business School, an MBA from Florida International University, and a BS in Electronic Engineer Technology from Inter American University of Puerto Rico. He has attended executive education programs at Harvard Law School and MIT Sloan School of Business.