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Webex Calling Varun!

February 7, 2019

I work as a Marketing Manager at Cisco and it comes as no surprise that my working day is no longer 9 to 5. That’s because all work does not happen in one office. Yes, my work includes the usual tasks like any of you…. responding to emails, attending meetings, signing off new targets, talking to customers, interacting with different teams spread across physical spaces and many times in different time zones too. This requires collaboration!

My desk is still my working “headquarters” because it has my phone, laptop, sticky notes…but  my work extends outside my ‘physical desk’. Whether it is a call with my manager or a meeting with the team to discuss key deliverables, I need to log online from my location and share content, easily, without stress, in seconds.

Thanks to Cisco Collaboration Solutions like Webex which comes equipped with video, audio, chat and content sharing that works on any device, I can connect anywhere, anytime, with anyone, while on the go. Simply ‘Join’ meeting is all I do.

Translate this to a bigger environment. Think of my entire organization, my sales teams and their communication with customers, my HR team and their conversation with employees, or any other…. the ease with which Cisco Collaboration Solutions are enabling to create workplaces out of a physical location is helping conduct more productive meetings that translate to business in real time.

With the idea of physical space getting almost obsolete, the need to enhance meetings with HD video, crisp audio, digital whiteboarding and more is critical. Cisco Webex experiences stay consistent on every device so every meeting attendee feels fully included.

Today’s Cisco customers are seeing benefits of collaboration and are looking at ways in which they can take collaboration to the next level with right-sized, right-priced solutions that are simple, secure and easy to implement. This empowers employees, customers and partners to collaborate in real-time.


Cisco’s intuitive collaboration tools bring teams together in the way that works best because teams are securely connected. Work gets done faster. Decisions are made quickly. Employees are happier. No wonder then that more than 1 billion people worldwide collaborate using Cisco Webex every month and 95% fortune 500 companies get 110% from their teams.


So, as I board my train to office , Webex is calling. Now that’s what I call progress!

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