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The 3Cs Which Service Providers Need to Watch Out For

April 7, 2015

This year, 2015, will be the first year in which over half of all Indian TV homes will become digitized, bringing better quality content and more flexible subscription options to millions of pay-TV subscribers.

The ongoing cable TV digitization will make the nation’s favourite soap operas and sports programmes more accessible than ever and have a huge impact on how millions engage with their chosen entertainment. In addition, Indian cable broadband rollout will accelerate significantly, providing fastest consumer broadband speeds in India of 50 Mbit/s.

Collaboration on the Move

Competition from virtual over-the-top service providers is moving fast and challenging traditional service providers to catch up. A balanced co-operation and collaboration between service providers (SPs) and OTT players is required to develop a win-win ecosystem that adds value to the customer. It has immense benefits for both parties, as it will enable the operators to leverage the wider capabilities of smartphones and enrich core communication services for existing subscribers while continuing to invest in technology that provides the best customer experience for OTT users.

As SPs and subscribers will have more personal data, photos and applications on the cloud, there will be implications for tighter privacy regulations, security solutions and data centers. In this scenario, SPs can increasingly benefit from the flexibility and scalability of off-premises/ off-site cloud infrastructure, whether private, public or hybrid. This will also help them keep their focus on providing excellent services rather than becoming preoccupied about running data centers.

Consumption on the Move 

Users are increasingly using their mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, phablets and laptops – as the primary means of content consumption. Today’s consumers want their television viewing to be personal, social and an interactive experience. They want content to be delivered anytime, anywhere and on any device. Internet-Video-to-TV traffic is expected to increase 85-fold between 2010 and 2015. The proliferation of 3G and the introduction of 4G are expected to spur the demand for video even further in the near future.

Going forward, service providers who can deliver the large content libraries and highly personalized services that subscribers demand will cement their position in a dynamic market. This is the way in which they will develop longer-lasting, more profitable relationships with their customers. Service providers will take this opportunity to reinvent business models and deliver a consumer experience that is more intuitive, more visual, more social and more mobile.

Control on the Move

With the touch of a button, we will manage every aspect of our homes, from anywhere in the world. As more of our devices are connected, our homes will get smarter and generate more data. SPs can offer home networking management, home security and home environmental management as N-play services

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