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Is your factory making noise or music?

May 19, 2017

Imagine synchronized swimming without the synchrony. An orchestra without impeccable coordination between every instrument, or to sight an example closer home…a Bollywood number without perfect harmonization among the dancers! Not only does it look deranged, but also the whole act simply does not come together as it should. All the right instruments, if they cannot synchronize in perfect harmony, will only create noise. Much like the elements in your factory.

A factory is like a giant symphony that needs to work together. The machines, the processes and the people need to come together flawlessly to make magic happen. For instance, do you really understand and effectively utilize the data generated by manufacturing equipment, to improve your factory’s overall efficiency?  Often, manufacturers see information visibility as the key barrier to business improvement.

Analytics, connectivity, automation and mobility rank as the top four technology needs for smart digital manufacturing. It therefore becomes extremely crucial to leverage smart digital manufacturing to achieve supply chain orchestration in the factory of the future. It’s vital to connect business system with automation and control as it helps you do several, like pickup on inefficiencies, track excess costs, and predict and prevent downtimes before they occur.

What do you need to make it happen?

A manufacturing network fiber that can handle the demands and unleash the possibilities of digital technology. The IoT solutions meet the needs of operations and information technology with ruggedized industrial products. Uninterrupted connectivity and automation of systems is the need of the factory of the future, and the key to driving digital transformation across your factory. The efficiencies that you achieve with digital manufacturing solutions help you meet ever-changing customer demands, faster.

From increasing productivity to lowering networking costs, the benefits that a typical factory can reap from the Cisco Connected Factory Solution are captured in this infographic. Factory network, wireless and security are the three cogs, which fuel your Industrial IoT and make your factory tick like clockwork. Click here to explore the Cisco Connected Factory bundles to lay the foundation for advanced automation in your factory.

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