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IISC and Cisco create Centre for Networked Intelligence

January 11, 2020

The interconnect between academia and industry produces a powerful connection that generates strong positive outcomes through exposure to research and the exchange of ideas between Professors, student and industry employees.

From Cisco’s standpoint, we have a rich tradition of engaging with universities all over the world and the latest example is a partnership that we have signed with the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) in Bangalore, through our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) team. IISc is a 100+ year old institution and is one of the most highly regarded universities for science, research and development.

With this agreement, IISc will create a Centre for Networked Intelligence (, hire PhDs, post-doctoral students and research fellows and whose focus will be on :

  1. Communications infrastructure (e.g. 5G, IOT networking, Broadband)
  2. Smart City infrastructure / Urban Data Exchanges
  3. Security, privacy, Integrity etc. via light-weight algorithms
  4. Policy Studies
  5. E-Learning Platform

On Nov 5 2019, we had a launch at the IISc in the presence of IISc’s Director, Prof. Anurag Kumar, Prof Rajesh Sundaresan, Prof. G.Rangarajan, Prof. Y.Narahari, Centre Faculty, Dr. Ram Turaga, selected Ph.d & M.Tech students and key representatives from Cisco. (

This partnership will yield multiple opportunities for Cisco and IISc to collaborate, and we look forward to strengthening our relationship.

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