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Future Ready IoT Routers Are Here. Cisco’s IR809 & IR829 are now available in India

June 19, 2017

India is rapidly becoming a hub of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. IoT-enabled devices in India are expected to see a rapid 31x growth to reach 1.9 billion by 2020. However, as the number of IoT gadgets and their applications increase exponentially, so do the  concerns around security, scalability, and interoperability.

IoT applications of tomorrow deserve a reliable and scalable network infrastructure, worthy of innovative machine-to-machine (M2M) communications or human-machine interaction (HMI). A robust IoT network router can minimize latency, conserve network bandwidth, operate reliably even in harsh environmental conditions, and support remote asset management.

In critical IoT applications, there may not be enough time to send the data to the cloud, analyze it and then intervene. The fog computing architecture feature moves the cloud (decision-making) closer to the things that produce and act on IoT data in real time. Analyzing IoT data close to its origin minimizes latency. When milliseconds matter, fog computing can be a lifesaver.


IoT applications in the transportation and logistics industry have traditionally connected people with their vehicles, improved safety and enabled effective communication. The next wave of IoT applications are expected to exchange information and intelligence between commercial fleets, mass transit systems, city infrastructure, and public safety systems.


In the case of fleet and mass-transit applications, the vehicles are on the move and critical communications data (sensors, video, logistics) needs to be sent over a secure network. High performance industrial routers are a key element in this connected, expanding universe.


An intelligent and robust network infrastructure is the backbone of a successful IoT application. Cisco’s latest offerings, IR829 and IR809 have been launched in India. Today’s Industrial Service routers must  be effective in industrial automation, utilities, smart cities, and transportation, financials, oil & gas and manufacturing sectors.


Thus, Cisco’s IoT systems can make your business more agile, responsive, and future-ready. To learn more, Click here

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