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Empower Customer Service Agents with AI

March 6, 2019

Many recent studies have shown that Customer Experience is now the key for business growth as people are ready to pay more for better customer service. In order to drive more premium leading organizations are not only refining their products, they are also investing in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based hyper-personalized customer support tools empowering their agents to have more informed, non-intrusive productive dialogue with customers.

Recently, TRAI came up with a set of rules for DTH providers, enabling subscribers to build their own channel pack where they pay only for the channels they subscribe. You can call me lazy (I say busy), I am not very enthusiastic about this additional work. Reluctantly I have tried a few times myself but somehow my every effort resulted in a higher monthly payout, so to save time and effort I ended up renewing the existing pack month on month. Now as we are approaching the deadline, I am hoping some DTH operator, particularly my current one will contact me proactively and help me build my channel pack. Though I haven’t called them as you know I am ‘busy’, I did provide enough clues about my intention by visiting their website, browsing plans, selecting channels of my choice, so what could they have done to stop losing a subscriber or gain a subscriber? For a fact they can do so much if only they had a connected customer experience platform.

Cisco Customer Journey Platform (CJP)

Connected Customer Experience is possible with connected information. If the DTH operator followed my journey on their website, use the knowledge of my current channel preferences, they could have automated a workflow to have someone call me from their contact center. The advance knowledge of my intentions can empower the agent to have a very intelligent and informed conversation with me.

This isn’t as complex as it may sound. All this is possible by having a proper access to customer information making it Contextual, Suggestive to agent, Predictive of customer behavior. Following this loop each time will make the core more intelligent helping agents to have smarter and fruitful interactions.

Cisco Customer Journey Platform (CJP) connects all the available information and enable contact center agents with holistic view of the contact. Agent & Machine’s hybrid thinking multiplies the customer delight. You can easily diminish the difference between an experienced agent and a new intern.

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