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Customer Success – Be the Enabler

March 5, 2019

Cisco has been one of the most respected brand & technology pioneer since inception. The origin of the company was based on the simple need of a couple to communicate with each other on the Stanford University campus.

Over the years Cisco has managed to stay ahead of the competition either by virtue of bringing new innovations to the market or by continually addressing the gaps that were unaddressed by other vendors. These innovations ensure that Cisco has the best end-to-end offering for any business but also the best products/solutions in class. There has to be something fundamentally different that Cisco is doing other than innovations and acquisitions which sets it apart from its peers who risen and fallen over the years.

In my 7 years at Cisco, the key USP as seen internally as well as externally has been “customer focus”. This single value drives the company in unison.

So every problem/requirement fielded to Cisco is looked at from a perspective as to how can technology become the enabler.

Case in point here are Cisco Collaboration Solutions which impact every single interaction that a business would have internally or externally. In India’s Banking sector NPA has been the bane for the past couple of years. Thanks to the efforts from the regulator as well as initiatives from the large PSU banks, NPA are much under control now. In one such instance we were working with a large PSU bank and the problem statement given to us was “Our defaulters do not show up to our branches on time when called for discussion and the typical excuse is their extensive travel OR our departments are unable to collate the paper work across the branch and central office where the NPA recovery team is based out of”.

Case Study: Enabling Video First Experience for a leading Bank in India

We enabled a pilot for the Bank where the defaulter could connect to the central office over video from any location as long as they were connected to the internet. Additionally, Video solution was enabled at a large branch (the central NPA which had high number of defaulters) and the central NPA control room. Bank employees across the two locations could now communicate effectively and also share documents seamlessly thereby reducing the overall processing time. Post the successful pilot, needless to say but the Bank signed-up for a full implementation on a larger roll out.

Technology to the rescue once again! And all it took was the singular focus of the Cisco team to deliver value to the customer. Recent innovations in Cisco Collaboration offering are AI and Facial Recognition ensuring that business continue to remain increasingly effective by virtue of technology.

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