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Cisco Advanced Services for Transforming Networks and Increasing Agility

November 19, 2015

How often do we ponder over the phenomenal growth India has seen in the area of network and mobile penetration and data services in the last two decades? When I look back over the last 25 years, I realize that India has transformed from a country where procuring a phone line involved a ten year waiting period and the market penetration was less than 0.5%, to one where today 13.4% of a much larger population of 1.25 billion has easy access to mobile connectivity. This explosive growth is predicted to continue, reaching 30% by 2017.

Indian consumers have an affinity for digital and data services, and have leap-frogged over several generations of technology to directly adopt the latest offerings like 3G and 4G. This, combined with the fact that large parts of the country are still untapped, makes India an exciting market for service providers (SP), ripe with opportunities for both internet and mobile subscribers and for data services. However, along with the tremendous potential, service providers also have to handle the challenges of managing a mishmash of legacy and next-gen networks, while gearing up to handle an explosive demand for data services fueled by data-hungry apps and on-demand services. Following the global trend, research firm IDC predicts that the total mobile services market revenue will touch USD 37 billion in 2017.

Service providers who anticipate and prepare for this growth with networks that are flexible and optimized are the ones who will come out ahead in an extremely competitive market. Cisco Services portfolio provides a range of outcome-based solutions and services for the network transformation and agility that is key in capturing and maintaining market share.

Network Transformation Infographic

Why is network transformation such a critical element? A key challenge faced by SPs is that most of their legacy systems involve multiple vendors who don’t necessarily work in unison. So migrating to next-gen systems is usually an arduous process of getting possibly a dozen different vendors to work together effectively. Cisco Advanced Services makes it as painless as possible by providing a range of services for a comprehensive production-ready migration. We handle every aspect of network transformation for both the short and long term.

Starting with services for scoping, sizing, design and analysis, implementation and customization, Cisco Services leverages a portfolio of Cisco tools and solutions like Virtual Managed Services (VMS), Network Function Virtualization (NFV), Software-Defined Networking (SDN), Self-Optimizing Network (SON) and more, to simplify and modernize complex IT/Telecom infrastructure so our customers can achieve their business objectives for the short term.

331SPs are now partnering with us to plan and strategize for the longer term, so they attain the agility they need to roll out services quickly and on demand, with a lower cost-to-serve while streamlining and optimizing business operations. Not only this, Cisco Services also plays a crucial role in planning and achieving profitability and revenue objectives of leading service providers while increasing their market share and customer satisfaction.

Cisco’s Services portfolio has the breadth and depth to offer an E2E experience that is capable of building an automated and orchestrated view of the network and which can handle every critical component that may trigger production issues. This includes securing the network for data protection and privacy and against malfeasance. Last, but certainly not least, Cisco Advanced Services also provides Data Analytics services which are key to mining customer information so SPs can adjust their strategy based on customer preferences.

As more and more customers and enterprises go digital, SPs realize that the customer experience becomes a critical success factor. They are planning for, and investing in, the network transformation that will give them the agility to handle on-demand services, self-serving and untethered customers on multiple mobile devices, and unpredictable network traffic, in real time. A successful and thriving SP sector is the first step for the digital vision that aims to provide and serve all of India’s citizens. Cisco will continue to partner with the SP sector in India on their network transformation journey and provide the key Cisco touch that ensures their success.

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