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4K-The game changer for HD

July 14, 2015

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Foo Tuan Tong (TT) is our guest blogger. TT is the Manager, System Engineering Sales in Cisco SPVSS covering APJ and holds a B.Eng. in Electrical Engineering from National University of Singapore and an M.B.A. from UCLA Anderson School of Management.





We all know what ‘HD’ and ‘Full HD means’, but now a new term has hit the airwaves – ‘4K’ or ‘4K Ultra HD’. It’s not just a buzzword. 4K something so revolutionary that it’s redefining the future of television. So what is 4K and 4K Ultra HD?

Basically, it’s about image resolution. 4K televisions have four times the number of pixels of Full HD televisions. And this means better contrast, sharper images, richer tones and detailed image quality – the consumer is watching a virtually flawless picture and, of course, enjoying an enhanced viewing experience.



From a broadcaster’s point of view, providing DTH services in 4K resolution enables viewers to receive digital cinema-quality television content. The picture is better and so is overall stability – important when viewing content with fast-moving scene changes. This becomes even more pertinent for live telecasts of entertainment or sporting events.

The screening of major sporting events has marked some of the milestones in the history of broadcasting and television viewing. While the 1984 Asian Games in Delhi brought colour television to mainstream viewing, the recent ICC Cricket World Cup was the first major event to be broadcast live in 4K resolution in India. The response to this has been phenomenal from everyone – viewers, broadcasters and advertisers. This, we believe, marks the beginning of a new era in Indian television.


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  1. It is an exciting time for Indian television, I watched the World Cup in 4K and it was just amazing. Now it’s time to save up and get one! May take a while on my wages!