Cisco Greece

At the forefront of Digital Transformation


Today, unprecedented technological change and rapid digital adoption is impacting society; the way we live, work, play and learn.  Technology now connects everything from people, processes and data to things.  And new devices are connecting every hour. By 2030, over 500 billion devices and objects will be connected.

What’s interesting to highlight, is that this phase of digital transformation is so much more powerful and challenging than previous transformational phases (i.e. from mainframe to PC or the informational web to e-commence internet).  Digital disruption is radically changing economies, cities, communities as well as the landscape of business.

Digital transformation is fuelled by multiple technology trends – such as mobility, IoT, analytics and cloud – all of which are driving companies to become digital businesses. And no company, regardless of industry, size or location is immune from the pressure of these rapid changes.  By 2018, one-third of current industry leading companies will be disrupted by competitors (IDC).

To flourish in today’s digital world, the network is the foundation of digital business and critical to business success.  Digital disruption is forcing businesses to re-think their business models as the pace of business has accelerated exponentially with mobile device proliferation, app migration to the cloud and the need to scale to IoT.  And these trends are putting enormous pressure on the network and the teams that support them. IT Teams are being asked to scale from managing hundreds of devices to 1 million by 2020.   The traditional networking model simply doesn’t scale for the digital era.

In addition, as data becomes the most strategic asset of any company or country, the ability to secure the data, act upon it, and deliver services based on the data will be vital for companies going forward.  Because of these challenges, businesses need a new network that is dramatically simplified and safer.

Today, Cisco is reinventing the network to address this by creating an intuitive network – a secure and intelligent platform for digital business – that can learn, adapt and evolve. Powered by intent, and informed by context, this networks gest more intuitive the more it is applied.  And we are bringing the intuitive network to life through Cisco’s DNA technologies and services – a single system that propels businesses forward and creates new opportunities for people everywhere.

At Cisco, we believe those businesses which adopt digital technologies and have a modern network underpinning their transformation will become more competitive, reduce cost and the complexity of their operations, and have better security. Companies that have invested in modern networks, 2-3X the rate of growth in revenue, customer retention and profit (IDC). And just as importantly, digital technologies will positively impact their brand, their growth and their ability to innovate.

The next ten years represents the greatest technology expansion and most powerful digital disruption we’ve seen and we are more than ever committed to play a role in today’s digital market transition – by innovating, and partnering so we can harness the astonishing value creation opportunities digital adoption present for government, business and local communities.