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New Aironet 700W Series Access Point

Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Aironet 700W Series AccessPoint

The Aironet 700 Series Access Point is an 802.11n Access Points specifically designed to be wall-mounted.It’s especially interesting for Customers in the Hospitality- and Education-Business or Customers that want to modernize their existing infrastructureFor Details see the following webpage:

Imagine you’re a hotel and you just a few years ago spend an awful amount of money, to make all your guestrooms internet ready.
You did provide an Ethernet-cable in any room … but today your customers cannot utilize that big investment anymore.
Nowadays your guests come in with all kind of devices without any cabled network-ports – they all rely on WLAN only.

But also customers in other verticals might face similar situations!

Is your investment now obsolete?

The Aironet 700W Series Access Point will help you here!
It’s specifically designed to be mounted on the Wall-Plates, where you had the wired connection before.Interestingly enough you will not lose any wired ports – the AP700W offers a switch with 4 GE-Ports, one of them even with PoE-Out.

The AccessPoint also supports both frequency-bands, 2.4GHz and 5GHz, at the same time and is based on an 2×2:2 MIMO-Architecture.
This means 2 Senders, 2 Receivers and 2 Spacial Streams, which will allow datarates up to 300Mbps.


The really interesting thing however is, how will a wall-mounted AP interact with standard ceiling-mount APs? Because it could very well be, you end up having ceiling-mount APs in the corridors and wall-mount APs in the rooms.

We were aware of this situation and invested quite some efforts into our RRM algorithm, so he can deal with this situation.
Our WLAN-Controllers now can deal with this mixture of Wall-and Ceiling-Mounted AccessPoints.


For mor technical details about the AccessPoint, please consult the Datasheet:


First Customer Shipment (FCS) has already happened and the product is available with Standard-Lead-Times.

The product will requires at least SW-Version (often called “7.6MR2”) on WLAN-Controllers, which is also downloadable from
In Summer the product will also be supported with the upcoming 8.0 SW-Release.
An Autonomous IOS for this Access Points is being thought about for later.

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