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Mini-Series Cisco Live 2015 (7): Whisper Suites

Monday, 12 January 2015

I recently got an MTE-Request (see earlier post) from a customer – in the description the customer mentioned, that he would like to meet with me to discuss “some” Wireless-Topics.
He also requested that I would organize some Product-Managers and/or Technical Marketing Engineers to join the meeting, as he would like get in direct touch with these folks.

Unfortunately, this last part of the request is blowing the borders of a MTE-Meeting – it is not possible to do that.
The MTE-Process is not prepared to accommodate such requests.

However, I still could help this customer.

If you’re really interested in meeting the Product-Managers (PM) and Technical Marketing Engineers (TME) you have basically 3 options:

a) Go to the “World of Solutions” and check out the Cisco Demo Booths – most of the time you will find there PMs and TMEs
b) Go to a Breakout-Session presented by a TME or PM – after the session go and directly talk to the presenter
or the option might not very well known:
c) Attend a Whisper Suite Session on a specific technology
Whisper Suites are organized for specific customers and possible for a broad range of technologies and products.
PMs and TMEs can adjust their talk to your needs specifically, as you will be a very small group.

If you’re interested to participate, please get in touch with your Cisco Account Team.
They can book the Whisper Suite for you.

And I propably should mention:
if this now sounds interesting to your, please act quite quickly – the Whisper Suites tent to get booked pretty fast.


The requested MTE-Meeting I mentioned in the beginning I still will do with the customer.
But together with the Account-Team I could sign up this customer as well for the “Enterprise Segment Wireless Whisper Suite”, where he will be able to meet the requested PMs and TMEs


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