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Easily combine multiple video inputs into a single video and / or content stream

Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Did you ever wish being able to send multiple inputs into a single video or content stream? Did you ever wish to stream a video in good quality during a collaboration session?

Cisco’s Source Composition feature allows you to achieve exactly this on your Cisco video codecs. You can select up to four inputs to send within the video and / or content channel. Check the below video to see a quick demo:

This feature is supported on all our systems supporting CE9.2.1 except Cisco TelePresence SX10, DX80 and DX70 due to hardware limitations. Below a list of our endpoints with the inputs supported:

  • Cisco Webex Room Kit, Room 55, Cisco TelePresence SX20: 2
  • Cisco Webex Codec Plus, Room 55 Dual, Room 70: 3
  • Cisco TelePresence SX80, Cisco Webex Codec Pro, Room 70 G2: 4

To learn how to enable this feature on your codec, please have a look at the how-to- post and check the release notes of the CE software release 9.x.

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