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Friday, 7 July 2017

Cloud Brokerage – something new?

Once upon a time we were used to follow the company service instructions because we had no other choice. With new technologies changed this behaviour. In 2012, Gartner researched the shifting into the direction of self-consumed cloud services. The hybrid cloud computing is the most important topic along the cloud brokerage and are inherited from cloud computing. Gartner expects that the cloud computing productivity will plateau between 2017 and 2020. The implementation of the cloud paradigm will gain providers and let them evolve into a multi-cloud provider. This includes public cloud and private cloud architectures. Enterprises needed time to understand the difference between the cloud paradigms but the adoption is started.

 Hype Cycle for Cloud Computing
(Gartner August 2012)

Speed Speed Speed – go to market!

Cisco has already invested into the new paradigm, and integrated the cloud brokerage tool CloudCenter into the cloud strategy. This approach will bring flexibility and increase the demand for cloud services on the market. The consumption of cloud technologies from individuals and business units needs higher adoption rates implemented from fresh business drivers. IT organisations want to respond to the immediate and imminent demands of their users, but the available providers are challenged to fulfil this demand. These users also influence providers by which IT organisations buy, and the vendors on which they depend on.

On demand consumption – simplify self service accessibility!

First come first win – the cloud consumer forces  IT to simplify on-demand consumption and has been enabled by the self-service concept. Cloud Brokerage plays an important role to simplify technology consumption in the cloud opaque. The following figure shows the topics Gartner found to be most important regarding the hype train.

 Important Cloud Computing Topics
(Gartner January 2017)

Self Service is the centric piece of the triangle between consumers, providers and cloud brokers. Enterprises that invest in this new technology are now able to disrupt the market as providers and brokers.

The next blog reveals examples of use cases to create a service that are enabled by cloud brokerage. If you have questions in the meantime feel free to get in touch.




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