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Garif Yalak

Head of Digital Transformation Healthcare and Education driving digital transformation projects for Cisco as part of Cisco`s Country Digital Acceleration (CDA) strategy for Switzerland. Collaborate with cross-functional and international teams to apply diverse capabilities and resources to develop business strategies, opportunities, and execute sales and investment strategies. Focused on customer`s needs and help execute their long-term digitization strategies and projects on the ground in digital healthcare and education. Recognized as self-motivated and focused with the ability to bring new ideas to the team. Deliver clear and concise communication.

Obtained a B.Sc. in Bioinformatics and an M.Sc. in Biomedicine in Germany. Performed a Ph.D. at ETH Zurich in Switzerland in both fields using the Swiss National Supercomputer (top ten ranked in the world) for multiple years in his digital health research and teaching activities. Moved to the US to continue research and teaching activities in bioinformatics and biomedicine at Harvard University for several years. Awarded several times by the Swiss National Science Foundation and Harvard University. Holds multiple executive education certifications from Harvard Business School in Business Analytics, Economics for Managers, Financial Accounting and leadership certifications from the Harvard Kennedy School. Involved in multiple voluntary activities in CSR outreach, teaching, mentoring, and business.

50th World Economic Forum, 2020: Speaker, Panelist, Selection Committee Member