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Cisco Public Service Talk 2013

27. November 2013

High level discussion in the residence of the Norwegian Ambassador

Ambassador S. E. Jan Petersen, Are Turmo, Achim Kaspar

Together with the Norwegian Ambassador S. E. Jan Petersen Cisco Austria invited 50 guests to the residence of the Ambassador to a top class expert discussion on the long-running theme of

” What formation is needed from economy and vice versa.”

 “Often there is a lack of young people to simple things like reading and writing and common sense” complained Brigitte Jank, President of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce.

“Children should be familiar with the work life during school hours and learn about different professions. In this area schools provide too little knowledge” was also the judgment of  teacher and author Nicholas Glattauer.

Looking for solutions to educational issues it is worth taking a look to Scandinavia. Are Turmo, Director of Education and Research at the NHO, the Norwegian equivalent of the WKO, pleaded for a stronger entrepreneurship awareness in the classroom. “Young people have to be early brought closer to entrepreneurship and independent work. The quality of the teachers is the most important factor for good education”.

Achim Kaspar, general manager of Cisco Austria spoke about the successful work of Cisco Networking Academy in Austria. Since more than 15 years the Networking Academy is working very close with different school types and provide young people with IT courses. “The digitization of society means that IT knowledge is required today nearly in any job.”

Martina Salomon, Susanne Brandsteidl, Nicholas Glattauer, Brigitte Jank

School Board President Susanne Brandsteidl assured that at least this issue of teaching entrepreneurship has already arrived in the secondary and vocational schools.

The discussion was moderated by Martina Salomon, deputy chief editor of the newspaper Kurier.

Although the waves ran high, the discussants finally agreed, that education and economy should work closer together.

The event was covered in two leading national newspapers: Kurier and Wirtschaftsblatt.

For the third time, Cisco and the Norwegian Ambassador invited high-ranking representatives from the political segment, the economy and society to his residence. It is already the seventh Cisco Public Service Talk Round in Austria.

The Cisco Public Service Talk Series is a yearly discussion of the Cisco Austria Public Sector Team on relevant social, political and economic topics with opinion-leaders and decision-makers.

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