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Sarah Eccleston

Director, Enterprise Networks UKI All Segments

I am the Director for Enterprise Networks (EN) in the UKI. It's an exciting time to be in this role – networking technology is radically changing and Cisco’s Digital Network Architecture (DNA) is ensuring Cisco lead that change and help our customers to benefit from it.

My love for both technology and endangered animals came together two years ago when I spent a month in Zambia to live in an elephant orphanage and connect an elephant to the internet, in an effort to prove it could be done and could help to reduce ivory poaching. And I’m also the founder of a charity to save the Bonobo apes in Congo.

When I'm not in a tent in Africa, which is most of the time, I live in Kensington, where I love yoga, art and my cocker spaniel Dorothy Parker. Sadly, I don't share the teams' love of football. Not even Arsenal.