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World Poetry Day: Ode to Cisco

March 21, 2017

As I am sure you’ll all have heard,

Cisco’s home to the techie nerd.

Tech is the name of our game,

Switches, WebEx – all the same.


We’re proud of our tech expertise,

From CEO to new trainees.

We all create in our own way

And serve our customers each day.


Large, small or in-between,

All solutions – agile and lean.

The best at tech delivery,

Wifi, connectivity.


Cloud, DNA, Security,

We’re fuelled by creativity.

We stand aside the greatest bards

And always go the full nine yards


John Keats crafted many an ode,

There’s also art in writing code.

Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Malvolio

Like us – a vast portfolio


Plath, Sappho, Eliot,

Artists like us – let’s not forget.

Connecting to the internet,

Such progress since the old diskette.


We serve the world from end to end,

From this purpose we do not wend.

Across the globe, from Seine to Nile,

We always go the extra mile.


So salute National Poetry Day.

Be poets in your own small way,

Have inspiration every day.

And hope you agree when I say…


With Cisco it is plain to see,

There’s beauty in technology.

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