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Top 5 networking trends for 2021

December 14, 2020

Reflecting on 2020: What have we learnt?

There can be no denying that this year has been testing. Not only in our personal and working lives, but for our networks too. It has been the year that truly tested the ability of our networks to respond to today’s business needs.

When we reflect on this year, it is likely that your experiences were a mixture: some good, some bad.  Whatever experience you’ve had, most likely you are now looking forward and considering how to ensure you are best prepared for the next unexpected event.

When it comes to your network, if your investment was a big focus over the last few years, then perhaps you weathered the storm and saw your network pass this test with flying colours. But perhaps not. Maybe you succeeded in getting the business to work remotely, but struggled to manage your network remotely. Perhaps where your teams thrived in moving workloads to the cloud, they fell down in having critical visibility. Or it could have been that your network was strong in holding up, but weak in delivering scale and security to support the work-from-home experience.

Looking forward to 2021 and beyond? How do we prepare?

As you consider how well your network stood up and what you need to do next to ensure it is in the best possible shape for the future, you will most likely find our 2021 Networking Trends Webinar helpful in your considerations.  In this webinar Steven Heinsius will be sharing key findings from our 2021 Global Networking Trends Report: Business Resilience Special Edition. In particular, he will be focusing on the 5 key trends our survey identified in networking: around workforce, workplace, workloads and operation automation and AI.

Steven will also be joined by Campbell Taylor, one of our Cisco IT Executives, to hear how Cisco IT responded and to get his perspective on the challenges that 2020 brought and what steps we are taking for own business resilience preparedness. Together, they will share their thoughts on how we can secure our remote workforce. What our plans are to ensure a safe return to the workplace. And how we will we improve our agility through our cloud approach.

We cannot control what the future holds, but we can certainly control how we respond, and how we prepare.

Get a perspective in our 2021 Networking Trends Webinar

To learn more, please register now and join us on Wednesday, 16th December at 9:30am GMT for our  2021 Networking Trends Webinar, and afterwards on-demand.

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2021 Global Networking Trends Report: Business Resilience Special Edition

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