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Too much internet

June 29, 2015

I recently took a nice long relaxing holiday.

Just to rub it in…

Just to rub it in…

Now historically holidays in another country meant great weather, a good book and quality time with friends and family. More importantly for me though it also meant no internet.

*shocked gasp*

Yes. You’re right to be shocked. Having no internet brings about a level of unfocused anxiety that would have been baffling to us 20 years ago.

Being disconnected from the office used to be the norm, now Wi-Fi at hotels, coffee shops and even on the beach means that it’s a challenge not to at least have a cheeky peak at your inbox.

And that was a real problem for me. Even in an eco-friendly and far-too-trendy jungle resort I had better Wi-Fi than in my flat in London!

I was on twitter, making video calls to family, dealing with emails, streaming music and even taking photos which were automatically backing up to the cloud.

So when does this all become too much? Is there a point at which being connected to everything all the time becomes a hindrance instead of a help?

Nope. Not at all. The internet is awesome. How else would I keep up to date with Game of Thrones?

Now I’m not saying we should all be working from everywhere at all times (although being able to do a WebEx poolside does sound much nicer than my desk) but the fact that we can if we need to, or more importantly that the infrastructure is in place to allow us to access the things that we like, or need, to relax…that’s pretty awesome. So thanks Cisco.

The Internet of Things needs the world to be connected. And I for one am ecstatic that we’re well on our way to being there.

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