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This week in mobility – 9 January 2015

January 9, 2015

2015 is officially in full swing, and while the detoxes and good intentions may be falling by the wayside already, my resolution to bring you the biggest and best mobility news continues apace.

Luckily we’ve been spoilt for choice this week thanks to the tech behemoth that is CES International, which has showcased a catalogue of new, connected products (including a toothbrush that collects data to alert you when you’re not brushing your teeth enough!). In other news, WiFi provider The Cloud has revealed that its users have spent a whopping 78% more time signed into public Wi Fi than in 2013 – equating to 28 billion minutes online.

Here’s a few more of my top mobility picks for the week:

  • What tops your wish list when looking for a hotel; location, number of stars or availability of fluffy dressing gowns perhaps? A survey of over 1,000 Brits has shown that fast, free WiFi is now the number one consideration of travellers looking to book a hotel. 67% of people rated it as the most important factor – even more than location, which just 65% stated as their main motive.
  • BlackBerry is stepping into the wearables market by making its messenger service widely available on Android smartwatches. BBM’s large and engaged user base spends more than nine hours a week within the BBM application. This will enable users to read and respond to messages across a variety of watches.
  • Enterprise mobility spending in 2014 was all about mobile apps, says a new industry report from the Enterprise Mobility Exchange. It highlighted that 62.5% of businesses invested in applications during the past 12 months, with just under 70% of buyers citing improving productivity as the driver behind these investments

What do you think of this week’s mobility news? Is staying connected at the top of your agenda when booking a holiday? Are you a BMM user with a smartwatch? Let me know by leaving a comment here or by tweeting @CiscoUKI or @GrahamFranklin.


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