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This week in mobility – 2nd January 2015

January 2, 2015

The first Friday of a crisp new year. A time for reflection and optimism, with plenty of speculation about the exciting mobility market movements for 2015. But this is also a good moment to remind ourselves that often we really cannot see around corners. Consider the predictions of Back to the Future when McFly visits 2015; smart glasses – yes, domestic video calling – too easy. But what’s this… no smartphones? Fail!

Let’s take a look at some more predictable innovations for the coming year:

Microsoft are to launch their first new web browser in almost 2 decades. It’s unclear whether the new browser will run on rival operating systems iOS or Android, but the new, lighter bowser is certainly intended to be more conducive to mobile devices.

People were quick to attack the price of the Apple Watch last year, but aren’t watches supposed to be pricy? Well 2015 could see some much higher-cost entries into the smart wearables market, with pedigree manufacturers like Tag Heuer keen to join in.

MasterCard are trialling wearable payment tech that uses persistent-authentication from biometric information, continuously monitors your heart-rate from the moment you put it on. As the volume of tap-and-pay transactions rapidly increases, this could be one way to raise the current £20 UK limit. But could this also have implications for enterprise mobility?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this week’s news – How much would you pay for the smartest smartwatch? How much would you entrust your pulse to make purchases? Let me know by sharing your comments here or getting in touch via Twitter at @CiscoUKI or @GrahamFranklin.



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