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This Week in Mobility – 10th July 2015

July 10, 2015

Have you checked your mobile in the last few minutes? Of course you have. In fact, according to a recent US based study eleven per cent of us can’t go more than a few minutes without a quick peek.

So why not take a peek now at some of this week’s Mobility stories; We learnt that WiFi coverage is hitting new heights. Yes –, Mount Fuji is getting free WiFi. This is of course great news for any of you worried about eating through your data allowance while Snapchatting from Japan’s highest peak.

The news was saturated with anticipation for next week’s Apple Pay UK launch. With guides, research and rivals everywhere the UK has been gearing up for the newest mobile payment system. Can Apple’s offering match those already on the market? Does this finally mark the end of credit and debit cards? Barclays think not. They’re backing another horse. Barclays is now the only major UK Bank not to sign up for Apple Pay.

Vodafone this week announced trials of a new small cell offering. They’re testing Radio Dot technology to boost signal and capacity. With ‘70% of customers using their mobile devices mostly indoors’, consistent experience is an issue Vodafone are keen to resolve.

We’ve heard a lot in the Contact Centre industry about multichannel services, ensuring that users can access support at all times and switch between channels without starting from scratch. Which made a new report this week all the more interesting. It calls for texting and social media as new means of contacting emergency services. Saying that dialling 999 is not ‘natural’ for younger generations may sound a bit daft, but actually the report does call-out some very practical examples.

That’s all from me this week. Will you be jumping on Apple Pay? Facetiming from Fuji? Let me know your thoughts on this week’s top stories in the comments below or by tweeting @GrahamFranklin or @CiscoUKI. See you next week!











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