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TechHuddle: Shining a light on the “cloudy” world of Cisco Meraki

- June 2, 2017 12:59 pm

“The world of technology moves so quickly, Cisco moves so quickly, this is a great way to keep in touch with what is going on.”

Here at TechHuddle we were excited to have our Meraki team join us to shine a light on the world of cloud networking.  This cloud based approach is redefining IT as we know it.  It’s exciting.  It’s disruptive.  And it’s definitely a hot topic as we had our highest registration and attendance ever for these popular events, with extra sessions being organised to accommodate everyone!

If you missed it (where were you!), you can catch the best bits on our YouTube channel.

What was it all about? 

Meraki is all about helping solve the key business problems of reducing cost, reducing risk and increasing value to your business.  We promised you that rather than telling you about how Meraki does this, we’d show you.  And we did.

Before we get into all the technical stuff, some context.  Alison Vincent our Cisco UKI CTO joined us and told us all about her passion for electric cars, oh, and how technology is moving fast, and it’s disruptive.  We all know that.  What we’re all much more interested in is how we can keep ahead of the curve and be a disruptor rather than being disrupted.  That’s is what keeps us all awake at night.  And this is what Cisco and Meraki are passionate about solving.

If you want to explore if the Cisco Meraki cloud-based approach to deploying and managing the network might just be the right option for you, then these TechHuddle sessions would be a great place to start.

Meraki offers something that’s very simple to deploy and manage, but very powerful at the same time.  The fact that it’s a cloud-based solution means that we can deliver innovation direct to you.  We can simplify your IT and enable you to focus on the other things that are going to bring more value to your company.

Alison’s perspective: “Meraki is the Tesla for Cisco.  There is absolutely no compromise here.”

Watch the replays here now.


The theme for our next events is: Where Applications Meet Infrastructure. More information here

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