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Summary: Why thinking like a hacker might be the smartest thing you ever do

April 23, 2014

In Greek, it’s “gnothi seauton”, and Latin “nosce te ipsum”. Whichever classical language you prefer though, ultimately it all means the same thing: “know thyself”.

When it comes to thinking about IT security, knowing oneself (or, in this case, one’s organisation), is a very good way of working out what you have to lose. This is fundamental to assessing your risks; working out what you have, who might want it, and how they might get to it. Understanding your assets can only help you to protect them more effectively, after all.

Thinking about adversaries does not necessarily mean that network security managers need to start familiarising themselves with the more nefarious arts practiced by professional hackers. Nevertheless there’s undoubted value in at least putting themselves in that mindset every now and again….Click here to read more

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