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Start-up Hub: How do I make the festive period work for my business?

December 21, 2015

Welcome to the December problem page, a regular feature to our Start-up Hub, that aims to address real start-up problems and help solve them. With the festive period fast approaching, start-ups across the country will be thinking about how to manage their businesses. There’s a lot to consider, from making sure operations are ticking over and opportunities aren’t lost, to giving staff time out to relax. 

We spoke to Bill Clee, CEO and Founder at Asset Mapping, to share his views on how to tackle the coming weeks…here are his answers: 

Bill Clee, Asset MappingTom: When it comes to taking some time off over the festive season, how do you ensure your business runs efficiently?

 Bill: “You can work from pretty much anywhere these days. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.”

 “Everyone on my team knows what they have to do. We’re all shooting off somewhere this Christmas but we will keep in touch.  What we really want to do this festive period is to get ready for the next year. I feel we need to have a bit of a re-group and get  organised.” 

 Tom: How do you balance family vs. business over the holidays?

 Bill: “I enjoy working from home during Christmas. I get to spend some quality time with my family while doing what I love. They sometimes think I need some time off so they send me to do some chores like getting the turkey or some sweets for the kids, but the truth is I take my laptop with me and do a bit more work from a local café. My business is my passion and I love testing my ideas all the time, even when I’m on holiday.”

“My family comes first, always, but at the same time I’m building something that’s a big part of my life too. I’ve worked so hard on making sure my business takes off so it is also a priority for me.”Tom Kneen

Tom: Do you have any tips for start-ups that are considering staying open over the festive season?

Bill: “I’d say find the right balance and remember to always be grateful for what you’ve got around you. It’s great that you become obsessed with your business and love the work you do, but also remember why you’re doing it. To me, I’m doing it for my family and for a greater good. That helps me keep my mind balanced.”

Can we flip the same question over to you? How do you make the festive period work for your start-up?

We’re working with a great team of experts and insiders to answer all your burning questions, no matter how big, small or specialist … Do let us know what you’d like to see covered in the next problem page in January – just send us an email, post a comment below or send us a tweet @CiscoUKI! We will tap into our network and help make your life that bit easier.


About Bill Clee, CEO and Founder at Asset Mapping: In 2012, Bill was quick to realise that the new technologies and techniques that were emerging could change the way complex data management issues were being addresses in large value environments. Fast forward to 2015, backed by global tech partners, and with a unique technology platform, he runs a successful start-up that helps organisations digitise their buildings. You can read more about Asset Mapping and Bill at They are also on Twitter at @loveyourassets.


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