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Six IDEAL months later – an update on our time at IDEALondon

June 5, 2015

EnergyDeck arrived at IDEALondon late October 2014, and since then it’s been a frenzy of activity focused on growing the team and business, taking advantage of the opportunities at IDEALondon, and working with Cisco to integrate with their ecosystem of services.

In the six short months since the three of us arrived, the EnergyDeck team has grown to eight, with a new sales and support team and the beginning of a UK-based dev team to complement our existing Ukrainian development team. We’ve secured several new contracts and established a number of new partnerships with resellers, technology providers and industry reporting standards, while also kicking off another couple of R&D projects with the support of Innovate UK and Eurostars.

So not surprisingly we’re all keeping very busy, but we’re loving it and working hard to take advantage of all the opportunities presented to us by IDEALondon and Cisco.

Being at IDEALondon has really helped us achieve all of this. The facilities are excellent, the staff very supportive, and the level of content provided is great – the seminars are valuable and there’s ongoing support in key areas, but all of it is pitched to allow us to focus on getting on with the business.

Working with Cisco has also proved valuable, with business support offered through introductions to clients and sales teams, combined with the integration of EnergyDeck with Cisco’s existing Cisco Energy Management platform and related services, all leading towards becoming part of the larger Cisco IoE ecosystem.

As part of this development, Benjamin and Bruno will be at the Cisco Live event in San Diego that kicks off next week – if you’re in the area and want to find out more, let us know so we can arrange a time to meet.

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