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Signposts, Weather Vanes, and Cisco’s Technology Radar

December 11, 2014

Innovation can be fraught. You are bringing a new solution or business model to market and it’s probably at the cutting edge (and possibly bleeding a little!), but that’s the environment innovators face. Someone once told me that there are two types of innovators. Firstly those that can be likened to a Signpost – clearly understanding the problem that they are solving, and that a customer will see value – value that they are willing to pay for. Secondly, those that could be described as Weather Vanes – pointing in one direction one moment, and then shifting direction when the surrounding conditions change – and it is often the second category that struggles to clearly articulate the value they are bringing, or continually changing the scope of that value.

I would argue that the most successful innovators are Signposts – those that have established a strategy and value that a customer recognizes immediately. Now, don’t get me wrong, in these constantly changing times, you need to be agile and flexible, but your value proposition must remain clear. You’ll also find the Signposts exude a certain gravity, in that they attract talent, opportunity and success more easily, as people like to understand where they are going and what is expected of them.

And helping you define the direction of your innovation is something that Cisco can help you do. Cisco regularly publishes its Technology Radar, which identifies thematics that Cisco is tracking, and on some occasions, directly investing in. By broadly aligning with areas that fit inside Cisco’s Technology Radar, you have a degree of confidence that Cisco shares your interest, and is likely to be focusing on building supporting resources in these areas. And it comes as no surprise that the Internet of Everything features heavily in the Technology Radar, whether its Securing the Internet of Things (IoT) or Real-Time Analytics. By further engaging with Cisco’s BIG Innovation Programme we can provide even more support to help you erect your Signpost and start your journey. Find out more by getting in touch with Cisco’s UK Innovation Team or just drop me a line.

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