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Santa’s little helper… technology… yes really delivered via the Internet of Everything

December 17, 2014

I can hear you yelling at the screen now…delivery company announces 72 hour delays, shops hit by online stock issues.  Not so helpful then?  Well think what it was like before BT (no not the telecommunications giant but ‘Before Technology’).

  • First inspiration… no googling and searching through or etsy but hours of endless roaming the high street.
  • Buying that perfect present… running from shop to shop to find that one item that isn’t in stock anywhere.
  • Lugging those gifts on the bus that is over-crowded with grumpy people who would have driven but knew they wouldn’t find a parking spot.

Ah…tidings of comfort and joy.

At least now we can browse from the comfort of your home, café, bus, train, office or wherever you are on your mobile connected device.

And if you are out shopping in the ‘real’ world then technology just keeps on giving.

The explosion in connectivity — from 10 billion things today to 50 billion in 2020 — will enable vast improvements in customer experience and supply-chain efficiency, allowing retailers to know their customers like never before.

Historically, retailers interacted with customers on a one-size-fits-all basis. Now it’s possible to have real-time, microtargeted, and location and/or context- aware offers. Making it possible to provide amazing customer service regardless of the touchpoint — at home, in the shop, or just about anywhere.

A really straightforward example is the Stables Market in Camden who provide free WiFi for customers and gain real-time information on how the market is being used, and can deliver relevant offers and discounts via targeted WiFi marketing.  A definite win-win for the customer and retailer.

The next level of analytics and applications, tied to individual customer behaviour, will provide offers that truly reflect the customer’s real wants, needs, and preferences, and (hopefully) reduce that ‘out of stock’ disappointment!

Combine data, process, people and things and see what can happen now and in the future:

And finally … if you’ve finished your Christmas shopping or just want to give to someone who may not be receive everything on their wish list.  This is a nice app that allows you to give on the go.

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