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New Years tech resolutions Q&A – Andy Chew

January 7, 2016

Happy New Year! To kick off 2016 I’ve caught up with folks around Cisco here in the UK and Ireland, to find out what they learned from last year and to see what their ‘tech resolutions’ are for 2016.

First up is Andy Chew, Managing Director of Architectures & Innovation Cisco UK and Ireland….

  1. Andy hi res (1)If you could sum up your 2015 in a word, what would it be?

Exhilarating. I took on some new areas at work which proved challenging and rewarding by turn; I dug into some interesting team dynamics that caused me to take a long look at myself in the mirror; and I started to take up the challenge of becoming an ambassador to schools to inspire more kids into tech careers.

On top of that I proudly watched Katie (my eldest) qualify as a lawyer, and saw Amy (my youngest_ off with a tear in my eye when she went backpacking to South America for 3 months.

  1. What are your tech resolutions for 2016 (and why?)

– Simplify our messaging – more customer in, less Cisco out!

– Start to help make smart cities a reality in the UK.

– Show the power of linking our model of ‘innovation at the edge’ with our mainstream customer-focused activities

  1. What would be your tech dream for 2016 (and why?)

To demonstrate the power of technology to address some of the big challenges of our time – healthcare, ageing population, inequality, productivity and happiness!

  1. What was the most valuable thing you learned from technology in 2015?

Looking at the pace of change in our industry reinforces the need to constantly ask ourselves ‘Are we moving fast enough? How can we reinvent? I think of that in the context of changes at Microsoft, IBM, Dell, EMC, and HP to name but a few. I also reflect on this when I see the incredible amount of innovation going on in start-ups just in and around London. The trends underpinning digitisation are going to change all our lives.

  1. What do you think has been your most successful resolution over the years?

To try and be me. I don’t always succeed, and its not always the easiest thing, but I increasingly try to be true to myself, and hopefully people can see the real Andy most of the time, (and make allowances as needed).

  1. …and your most unsuccessful?

I can’t remember how many times I vowed to pack up smoking…. I eventually got there about 7 years ago!

  1. What piece of advice or inspiration will you choose to keep in mind when going into 2016?

Shakespeare wrote: ‘Nothing will come of nothing, speak again!’ 

I’ve often had nagging doubts about dealing with the fallout of what might go wrong in the future. I’ve learned that’s just pointless, constraining, negative energy. I try to be more trusting of my instincts, especially when the data seems to back them up (!). Thinking fast and just getting on with stuff is generally good advice.

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  1. Brilliant messaging, Andy. I concur with your tech dream points for 2016. Technology should eventually help create “happiness”.