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Leaderboard 2016 Hot Seat – Richard Roberts, UKI Sales Director

June 27, 2016

Today we have Richard Roberts, Sales Director for UKI in our Leaderboard Hot Seat. He tells us what excites him about Leaderboard this year, what piece of technology he couldn’t live without and whether there’s any team rivalry going on.

Why are you getting involved in the Leaderboard Triathlon Challenge?

A good cause, some good company, and a good excuse to get a little fitter!

Were you interested in triathlons before, or has this event spurred your interest?

It has piqued my interest, so am interested in seeing how it all goes.

What excites you about Leaderboard this year?

The scale, and the opportunity to do it with friends and colleagues – a great way in to the sport.

Why do you think Sport Relief is such a success?

Doing good for others by being good to yourself – how could it not be a success!

If you could choose to be a famous sporting athlete who would it be and why?  

Daley Thompson in his prime – versatility, focus and yet a fabulous attitude to enjoying the sport.

How do you think technology can change/enhance sport and sporting events?

Wearable technology has the power to bring sport and exercise into everyday life, to truly change lives, and save lives.

If you had to be a drones or an eagle for a month which would you choose?

An eagle – I could ride the thermals with only the gentle sound of the breeze for company.

Name one device or piece of technology you couldn’t live without.

My Mobile Phone – more often than not it is my hotline to my sons as they move through their young, social and connected worlds.

Whats your proudest sporting achievement?

Running 15 miles from Ripon to Harrogate barefoot when I was 16 for charity alongside my mates from my Karate club.

If you instantly gain a new sporting talent what would it be and why?

I would love to have the skills of a first class cricketer, to help my local village team climb the lofty heights of the local Sunday league sloggers!

Is there any team rivalry developing ahead of the big event?

Not yet, the only rivalry so far is with Greggs, Starbucks and the urge to splurge and fall off the fitness wagon.

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