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Leaderboard 2016 Hot Seat – Phil Smith, CEO UK&I

July 1, 2016

Today Phil Smith, Cisco CEO UK&I aka the leader of all things Leaderboard is in our Hot Seat. He tells us what excites him about this years event, and his greatest sporting achievement which is AMAZING!! 

Why are you getting involved in the Leaderboard Triathlon Challenge?

The Leaderboard is a unique group of leaders who can get together, have fun, raise a significant amount of money for charity with an incentive to get healthy as well as encouraging their teams to do the same.

Were you interested in triathlons before, or has this event spurred your interest?

Yes. It was my idea to start the Leaderboard because of my interest in Triathlon

What excites you about Leaderboard this year?

I think the relay format should be really exciting, giving lots of opportunities to cheer, making a great experience for the spectators and participants . We also have over 800 people participating which should be amazing

Why do you think Sport Relief is such a success?

I think sport relief has a great ethos which really gets people getting healthy and having fun. That is exactly what the Leaderboard is about as well

If you could choose to be a famous sporting athlete who would it be and why?  

Anyone who can do a sprint triathlon in less the 55 mins

How do you think technology can change/enhance sport and sporting events?

I think in the ever more connected world and the emergence of the IoT we have an opportunity to get a whole new perspective on sporting events and athlete performance. WE will be trying to do some of this in the Leaderboard

If you had to be a drone or an eagle for a month which would you choose?

Drone – Much cooler! although as an eagle you don’t have a pilot !

Name one device or piece of technology you couldn’t live without

My iPhone and my bike (Cervelo S5)

Whats your proudest sporting achievement?

Qualifying for the GB triathlon team in 2014 and again this year

If you instantly gain a new sporting talent what would it be and why?

The ability to swim as well as the brownlee’s

Is there any CEO rivalry developing ahead of the big event?

Of course not 🙂

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