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Leaderboard 2016 Hot Seat – Alan Groom, Apprentice

June 29, 2016

Its  just under a month to go until Leaderboard 2016, so we’ve got a series of Leaderboard Hot Seat Blogs from our internal competitors. Kicking things off we have Alan Groom, an Apprentice who seem pretty keen to beat the competition and raise lots of money for Comic Relief.

Why are you getting involved in the Leaderboard Triathlon Challenge?

To be able to test myself, lead my team to victory and raise as much money for Sport Relief.

Were you interested in triathlons before, or has this event spurred your interest?

This will be my 1st triathlon that I’ve ever been given the opportunity to take part in; I love all sports, mainly competed in Judo, Football, etc. So to do something different excites me greatly.

What excites you about Leaderboard this year?

Being able to do a triathlon at Dorney Lake, swim where Olympians have rowed, its so exciting.

Why do you think Sport Relief is such a success? 

It’s a charity that is recognised globally, and it’s a great excuse to do something different and do it for such a fantastic cause. It brings people together, friends and family, and can change someone’s life for the better with the money that is raised.

If you could choose to be a famous sporting athlete who would it be and why?  

Would have to be David Beckham, he certainly has got it all. The looks, skills, Posh Spice, what more could you wish for?

How do you think technology can change/enhance sport and sporting events?

The way we can look at sports from different perspectives, analytics is a big game changer by generating thousands of statistics in a matter of seconds. Hawk Eye is a famous piece of technology in the world of Tennis for determining whether the ball is in or out of the field of play, Goal-Line technology. these are simple things in life that make the difference, and there is still plenty more to come.

If you had to be a drones or an eagle for a month which would you choose?

Eagle… because drones don’t eat food.

Name one device or piece of technology you couldn’t live without

Mobile Phone of course, it’s become a way of life. It would be like taking oxygen away… disaster.

Whats your proudest sporting achievement?

Representing my county of Oxfordshire in Judo. Going up and down the country and making a name for myself. i’m still waiting on Team GB to call up, don’t think that’s ever coming now, there missing out.

If you could instantly gain a new sporting talent what would it be and why?

Goalkeeping Skills in Football; most important role is to keep clean sheets and not concede in football, so to be blocking shots as a number 1 would be great.

Is there any team rivalry developing ahead of the big event?

Of course, otherwise none of us would be spurred on to succeed. There are 2 apprenticeship teams competing this year, My FY16 team which I’ll be captaining in against Joe Poyda’s FY15 Team. I hate losing and if his team beats me there will be some sour faces in the office.

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