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Digital Disrupter or Digital Resister – Which are you?

June 23, 2017

We are hearing more and more how successful digital business transformation is dependent on interlocking and aligning IT to the business’s strategies & operations. And, in particular, how the lack of a “fit for purpose” (digitally ready) network can grind progress to a standstill.

In this recent study IDC considers the question of Digital Network Readiness. Having identified the key business/IT drivers (the usual suspects, including; IoT, cloud, mobility, security), IDC then provides a pragmatic five stage Digital Network Maturity Model, based on 18 key capabilities spanning 5 areas. The empirical data from 2,054 respondents plus an on-line assessment tool enables any company to easily benchmark where they fit vis-a-via their peers:

Whilst all this information is very valuable and useful, for me the most interesting part of the research confirms that organisations that have invested in digital-ready networks perform significantly better –  delivering higher revenues, operational efficiencies and improved customer experiences:

How can Cisco help on your journey from a ‘Digital Resister’ to a ‘Digital Disrupter’?

We provide the network that is the foundation for your business’s digital transformation, bringing software, processes, and systems together in a digital-ready infrastructure that is simple, intelligent, automated, and highly secure.

By providing cloud-ready products and services with flexible consumption models, our infrastructure solutions will provide intelligence at the edge that helps you unlock the value of data so you can make faster, better decisions.

Through our automated services, Cisco also provides efficiency and agility ensuring a secure infrastructure from end to end, enabling the trust that’s essential for fuelling collaboration and innovation.

With Cisco’s new DNA solution you will have security, automation, simplicity, and intelligence built into your foundation, and you’ll be ready to take on the digital challenges and stay ahead of the competition!


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