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Cisco Start-up Hub: Tom Talks to… Freddie Talberg

February 22, 2017

Last year, entrepreneurialism in the UK hit a new high with 342,927 new companies being registered in the first six months of the year – equating to a somewhat astonishing rate of 80 new businesses per hour.

Many of those would have been new businesses being started by first-time owners; however, statistics suggest that a good deal of them will have been new endeavours by serial entrepreneurs.

A serial entrepreneur, as the name suggests, differs from a typical entrepreneur in that they’ll come up with ideas for and found multiple businesses. They may run some of these businesses simultaneously, though with a less hands-on approach, or move from one idea to the next in quick succession – passing on operational responsibilities to others as they go.

A recent Centre for Entrepreneurs study found that the number of businesses founded by serial entrepreneurs can vary hugely – from as few as two to as many as fifteen in some cases.

freddie-tahlbergBut what exactly does this mean in practice?

Wanting to find out more, I caught up with Freddie Talberg, whose most recent venture, Pie Mapping, was recently acquired by DPD to further fund and accelerate the product/platform development.

Freddie’s was the first IDEALondon start-up to be acquired, but not the first success story he’s enjoyed as an entrepreneur – and surely not the last.

We spoke about what it is that drives serial entrepreneurs to keep developing new ideas, and how to get through the sometimes-tricky ordeal of a company acquisition…

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