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Championing every family within Cisco

May 2, 2024

Here at Cisco, we support our people in whatever they may be facing, with benefits that can make a real difference in their lives and the lives of the people they love. As part of that, we recognise that no two families are the same, and provide benefits that offer solutions designed to support every family, whatever their goals or circumstances.

In April 2022, we introduced our assisted fertility benefit in the UK which entitles all employees to access family planning services including harvesting, freezing, and storage for eggs, sperm, and embryos, IVF services, and fostering/ adoption services.

It was during a Cisco Women of Impact webinar series, which discussed the assisted fertility benefit in detail, that Chloe Taghavi, Small Business Sales Territory Manager, decided to reach out for support. After two and a half years of trying to conceive, it was only during a conversation with her manager about the process of exploring the benefit that Chloe realised the huge mental strain and psychological impact of her fertility journey so far.

“Cisco’s culture is like no other. Here we recognise that everyone has something to contribute with their unique talents, values, and experience. I know that my Cisco family is championing my own growing family, and it’s through the supportive Cisco community that I’ve learned to speak up, lean in and have the confidence to overcome any challenges that get in my way” – Chloe Taghavi, Small Business Sales Territory Manager.

Chloe explains: “For me, it was not only the financial support that Cisco provided but also the emotional support through my managers, wider team and the support services provided by the Bupa specialist fertility team. All this turned my path to parenthood into an incredibly positive experience – I’m delighted that my partner and I will soon welcome our Cisco baby here in the UK!”

Chloe is proud to work for a company that she believes truly cares about its people and community. This is why she’s not only enthusiastic to share with others her Cisco-supported fertility journey, but is also committed to eroding the stigmas surrounding women in the technology industry. She adds: “Cisco is truly committed to breaking down barriers, and this is evidenced by the enthusiasm demonstrated from the top down. From Chuck Robbin’s all-hands meetings right down to the daily conversations I have with my managers. Together in numbers we’re working to make the industry a more diverse place to be.”

We’re delighted to announce that Chloe welcomed her baby in Spring this year. Sending warm wishes to the new parents as they embark on this beautiful adventure together

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