Cisco Portugal Blog

Gabriela Godoi do Prado

Community Manager

Moderator of the Portuguese Cisco Community, I am focused on delivering excellent user experience. I am a dedicated and results-oriented Marketing Specialist with eight years of experience crafting high-impact integrated campaigns for brands in different types of industry.

Having born and grown up in Brazil, I had the opportunity to discover a little bit of Silicon Valley innovation life in 2019 and earned a Certificate in Marketing Management. In 2020 I accepted the challenge of a new journey, and I am discovering Mexico with my husband, living in Mexico City, and fortunately, working for Cisco.

My true love is definitely traveling and explores cultures, places, and flavors. Besides that, I am always trying to create a new way to reproduce some of them at home, and I love to make my husband as a “volunteer” to act as a guinea pig for my crazy experiments in the kitchen.