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How Cisco is empowering Partners with comprehensive marketing support: 5 key differentiators

June 1, 2023

Marketing is an essential aspect of any business, but not all IT companies have the resources or expertise to handle it effectively. That’s were partnering with Cisco comes in. Our partnership enables businesses to access experts and resources that they may not have in-house. And when they do exist, to scale and grow with the support of a bigger team.

Cisco, being a multinational technology company, has excelled in supporting partners with a vast and diverse portfolio of marketing resources. Cisco’s partner program includes a dedicated partner marketing team that works with partners to develop and execute effective marketing strategies which ultimately will drive pipeline and sales numbers.

Cisco differentiates itself from other IT companies by providing partners with access to a range of marketing resources, including:

Marketing Campaigns in a BoxThese are pre-packaged marketing materials that partners can use to promote Cisco products and services. They typically include customizable email templates, social media posts, banners, and landing pages.

Marketing FundsCisco provides financial support to partners for their marketing activities. Partners can apply for marketing funds to support their marketing campaigns and initiatives.

Partner Marketing PortalCisco’s partner marketing portal serves as a centralized location for partners to access marketing content, training, and support. It provides a range of tools and resources to assist partners in their marketing efforts.

Brand AssetsCisco offers partners access to a library of brand assets, such as high-resolution logos, product images, and visuals. These assets can be utilized by partners in their marketing collateral, websites, and other promotional materials.

Co-Branding OpportunitiesCisco enables partners to leverage co-branding opportunities by allowing them to incorporate the Cisco logo alongside their own branding. This helps partners align their marketing efforts with the established Cisco brand, showcasing their partnership and strengthening their credibility.

These resources collectively empower Cisco’s partners to plan and execute marketing activities effectively, enabling them to promote Cisco products and services to their target audience with a strong marketing presence.

As highlighted, partnering with Cisco can be crucial for businesses to effectively communicate with their target audiences and prospects. Cisco’s comprehensive range of marketing resources, dedicated partner marketing team, and focus on digital marketing make it a leader also in this area. By partnering with Cisco, businesses can leverage the company’s expertise and resources to drive their marketing efforts and achieve their business goals.

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