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A look back at Cisco Live EMEA 2023

March 3, 2023

In one word – AMAZING. Nine thousand of the most brilliant minds on the technology world just got together at Cisco Live Amsterdam to see and discuss the latest technology innovation, trends and needs and I had the privilege to be one of the attendees.

Enhanced customer and employee experience, Sustainability, Security and Managed Services were the eco we could hear across the board in every conversation.

  • How to bring optimum experience and bring technology as the heart of business objectives – from application andCisco Live network observability to network automation and availability. How can we guarantee that people can access what they need when they need it, and in the case they can’t, how we quickly revert.
  • Sustainability – it’s not just how to do things but how to do things efficiently, and technology can play an important role – how can we create savings and optimize carbon footprint from Datacenter to Smart buildings and how we can help our customers taking care of obsolete solutions and ensure it follows the recycling process. At Cisco, we believe in powering an inclusive future for all, including our planet.
  • Security – with more advanced persistent threats and with the expansion of the exposure of the company resources beyond the corporate perimeter, we need a comprehensive approach that could provide a framework for security effectiveness enhancement. At Cisco Live we heard how Cisco can play a significant role in helping the customers secure their identity, communications, and applications wherever they run, in a complete approach.
  • Managed Services – exploring our competitive advantages have not been as crucial has it is today and strategically it’s more important than ever that we are creating the right strategies to enhance them. That’s where managed services have been more and more preponderant, bringing outcomes to life with Cisco and our partners leading technology and expertise combined offers ensuring customers to enjoy the outcomes designed by the experts that know how to deliver it best while customers can focus on what they excel.

Cisco Live

From Portugal we had the fantastic opportunity to have with us 120 people between customers and partners. We had a lovely reception where we could revert to the good old days before covid, meeting everyone in the same room enjoying the opportunity to connect and engage.

The more technical deep dives were also welcomed and available at the meet the engineer zone where you could have access to various Cisco specialists and engineers, a meeting request away. Then the world of solutions, with the best solutions of our Cisco partners and available booths for easy walk in to get to know all about our joint value solutions.

Across all Amsterdam in that week all you could hear was Cisco Live. In the metro heading to the venue, in the restaurants, in the streets with amazing Cisco Live backpacks. That energy of enthusiasm, innovation, and interest were flowing everywhere we would go.

What a week!

Amazing memories, amazing meetings, amazing people…Cisco Live 2024, can’t wait.