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Introduction to Yang Suite

July 1, 2021

If you are starting your adventure into Network Programmability, probably you have heard of the concepts of Yang models, NETCONF, RESTCONF, Telemetry and more.

Wouldn’t it be great if there is a tool that has the capacity to integrate all these concepts in a single place and enable you to use them in an easy way? YANG Suite was recently released to address this need and help us in our path into the Network Programmability field. The Yang Suite series will be divided into several articles:

  • What is YANG Suite: Features and advantages
  • Installation and first steps
  • Managing  Yang Modules
  • Using NETCONF with  YANG suite
  • Testing gRPC telemetry


What is YANG Suite?

Cisco YANG Suite is a software that provides a set of tools in order to start using YANG programmable interfaces as NETCONF, RESTCONF and gNMI. Some features that we can find are the following:

  • Browsing in YANG modules using a graphical interface.
  • Create RPC payload messages to interact with devices.
  • Use gRPC Dial-out model driven telemetry.
  • HTML5 interfaces .
  • Can be deployed using Docker containers.
  • Can be used with IOS-XE or IOS-XR.

YANG Suite was launched in order to replace YANG Explorer who is out of support since August 2020. One of the reasons was because Yang Explorer used Flash and an enhancement in Yang Suite is that we have a HTML5 graphical interface.

Where can I start learning about YANG Suite?

There some primary sources of information that are going to be described in the next articles of the YANG Suite series.

In the next article, the installation is going to be explained, so keep an eye on Cisco Portugal Blog to keep exploring this awesome tool.