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The link between Cisco Wi-Fi 6 and your backyard

8 July 2020

Recently, Cisco hosted the Networking Innovation Forum for IT executives. This two-day virtual event featured 8 different sessions led by industry experts and Cisco executives.

We recorded the event’s on-demand sessions that covered:

The latest market dynamics, and how technology is enabling groundbreaking change in the business landscape;

How networks need to evolve to support the new normal, and how Cisco can be your technology partner to deliver this;

Bridging the gap between what your business needs and what your network delivers;

Using existing investments in wireless and network infrastructure to enable new use cases and help organizations reopen their businesses—including the ability to monitor and receive alerts on building usage;

How new technologies such as SD-WAN improve user experience, connecting homes to corporate networks across a variety of private and public clouds;

The future of wireless, including Wi-Fi 6, 5G, and new location-based services.

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Cisco’s Networking Innovation Forum was pre-announced in The Gateway, Cisco’s vibrant networking community that brings together Cisco customers from around the world. The Gateway enables you to stay up to date, engage with experts, and get quick access to the information you need the most. Customers share technology experiences, insights and feedback in a closed community of like-minded people.

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