Cisco Nederland

Pieter-Jan Nefkens

Lead Consultant
YaWorks NL
Guest Blogger

Pieter-Jan Nefkens is a long term Dutch based IT and network professional. From early on in his career he has been connecting devices and people, even before the Internet era. He has a BsC in Computer Science with telematics and real time systems. Immediately after getting his BsC he has been an entrepreneur in ICT with specialties in networking, security, virtualization and active software development.

Pieter-Jan is always on the top of new trends and technologies and applies enterprise solutions to European sized SME's. In this aspect, Pieter-Jan is a true consultant that always thinks of the customer first and guides the customer to implement the technologies to support the customer's business. Sharing and applying technology is in the DNA of Pieter-Jan which resulted in becoming a Cisco Champion in 2017. Besides his networking skills, Pieter-Jan has participated in standardization processes for inland shipping across Europe.

Since 2015 Pieter-Jan is a lead consultant with YaWorks and supports network consultants and customers with large scale projects. One of his more recent projects is to support and guide a large network customer to the implementation of DNA-Center.