Cisco Nederland

Harald de Wilde

Enterprise Networking Country Lead
Enterprise Networking Architecture Team

Harald de Wilde is leading the Enterprise Networking Team and go-to-market for Cisco Netherlands. He started in 2001 after the internet bubble imploded and discovered at that time that his power is to translate and convert technical concepts & trends into stories, relevant to all types of audiences. Story telling is perhaps his biggest asset.

Harald is known for his enthusiasm about the possibilities of technical concepts and how it relates to everyday live examples and is not afraid in doing educated guesses about the next steps in developments and technology. He likes to challenge the established for the greater good.

Harald works for Cisco since 2011, started in the Dutch Channel organization, where he managed many of the most strategic integrators. For years he had the opportunity to build a new channel on emerging technologies like Cloud, Analytics and IoT. Since September 2017 he is leading the Dutch Enterprise Networking team.