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Cisco Live Cancun 2019 | Wednesday Highlights: “Technology must be used for help”

The day began bustling with one of the Cisco Live Cancun traditions, 530 people took part in the 5k race and the energy of the runners multiplied during every second of this Wednesday. Journalists, analysts, technology experts, entrepreneurs, programmers all in one place knowing the best in the IT world.

Carrera 5k


How our experts are inspiring IT business leaders

During the IT Management program, Cisco experts with partners and customers, brought in exclusive presentations to cultivate the special combination of business acumen and technology expertise needed to help you and your organization succeed in the digital age.

Bailey Szeto, VP of Information Technology at Cisco, pointed out that 3.5 out of 10 markets will no longer take place when digital disruption arrives and for that doesn’t happen with your business, we list the key features of a truly innovative culture:

  • Practice tolerance for frustration
  • Be psychologically stable
  • Collaborate
  • Be willing to experiment
  • No hierarchy
  • Team work

Developer Certification

With hands-on classes and personal service, a space entirely designed for developers and all who love code. With the exponential growth of the DEVNET community, one of the most sought-after topics by the over 100 attendees there was about developer certification. Also join the community and build your apps here.

The Latin America Transformation

With a realistic and impactful approach, Max Tremp, Director Systems Engineering, Cisco Latin America was extraordinary in his keynote on innovation. He began by remembering the most important inventions in history and then compared them to the most important applications that exist today.

Max Tremp during his Keynote

A very dynamic presentation featuring live demonstration of situations in high-risk environments that can be mitigated with Cisco solutions, such as ore workers.

Max showed how rapid advances in technologies such as automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are radically changing the way networks are deployed and operated based on the 2020 Global Network Trend Report. With 3 key tips:

  1. Intuitive networking takes IT business value where SDN couldn’t
  2. AI increases human capabilities – accelerates IBN
  3. Organizations with significant talent and operation gaps – IT must break these silos

Also highlighted the importance of the human side in this process and how an environment that values ​​diversity is more innovative!

Max Tremp, Director Systems Engineering, Cisco Latin America

In the end, he gave one more tip for all Latin America companies: “If we want to leverage the transformation in Latin America, we need more access to technology. Social responsibility must be embedded into every business.” And he reinforces Cisco’s commitment to be the bridge to this transformation.

An exceptional day full of content. Looking forward to being even more surprised by the last day of Cisco Live and you?

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