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Emerging Talent Recruiting

November 26, 2021

Cisco over the last few years, has been investing in people and their careers. We believe that most of what we learn occurs at work. We learn, upskill, cross-skill to get the job done and deliver the best possible outcomes. This sense of satisfaction of learning and growing, trumps many other external factors.

Cisco’s strategy for the future is clear, having and ecosystem both within and outside for people associated to learn and grow. All the more, making it easier for Cisco employees to move within different teams easily to ensure there is continuous learning and diverse mix of people owing within the organisation with strong fungible skills for future growth and sustenance.

Cisco’s Emerging Talent Recruiting (ETR), is the recruiting arm responsible for hiring early in career and emerging talent, with strong internship and apprentice programs for the aspiring students. We are the bridge between talent and the amazing world of opportunities across Cisco.

Cisco offers dream careers in technical and non-technical domains allowing future leaders to build skills while working on live projects through our internship, new graduate and apprentice programs while staying true to the broader philosophy of the free talent movement.

Amongst various important strategic pillars of ETRs, creating a strong diverse pipeline of talent pool probably takes the cake. We @ ETR understand Cisco’s larger goal, our culture, and the future we want to create. This helps us identify the best talent for the organization; for a better tomorrow.

With the pandemic accelerating the pace of digitization and the Internet being the equalizing force across and beyond boundaries, our hiring strategy is to dissolve entry barriers for aspiring candidates and create programs which assess the potential of the candidate for being successful at Cisco. Our assessments offer a fair platform for diverse candidates to show their talent while interacting with our trained and experienced interviewers.

Amongst the multitudes of programs created to break the boundaries of hiring and making it easier for candidates to work for Cisco, Ideathon makes us truly proud.

Cisco Ideathon, the award-winning innovative emerging talent-hiring program, is celebrating its third successful year. It has touched the lives of more than 50,000 students and powered an inclusive future for 235 students, Cisco’s next-generation talent.

More information can be found at the microsite below:

Experts say that your first job and mentor play a pivotal role in mounting your career for bigger and greater possibilities. The enviable nurturing, grooming, exposure opportunities, advice and role models at Cisco bring out the best in you by recognizing your individuality, potential, uniqueness and creativity. It is no wonder that Cisco is one of the most aspirational companies in the world for someone who is intellectually curious and a lifelong learner.

Join us if you are passionate about Innovation and see yourself as an ‘intrapreneur’.
Join us if you value empowerment, recognition, trust, fairness, respect and camaraderie. Join us to make a positive impact on people, society, and our planet.

Join Cisco to ‘BE YOU, WITH US

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